The Antonia Faizah Sinibaldi Story


Strength, Hope and Perseverance

When I’m alone, I constantly ponder about everything that I have been through. I have so many questions.

“Why me?”

“What’s the future going to be like for me?”

“Will it ever change?”

After asking those questions and more for a long time, I understand that while I may never find all the answers, I have learned a bit from the experiences that I have been through. While I have not, and may never, reach a state of full acceptance of what’s happened, I have resolved to make the best of my situation by sharing my story in the hope that it might help others dealing with injuries, mental illness, and other challenges.

I do this as much for me as I do for others. I devoutly wish to be understood. I need to be heard. That’s why I write in my own voice, not in fancy, flowery language. I want you to know the real me.



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