Below is a monologue written by Antonia as an exercise that focused on LBGQT+  at Marymount Manhattan College. She was paired with and wrote this for a fellow actor. Feel free to use this as your own exercise.

Character name: Emily/Em  

She doesn’t know what she should go by in terms of last name. Now that she just turned 18, she goes by Em or Emily. She had a rough upbringing…but she did get a scholarship to study acting, and acting was the best thing that ever happened to her. Her college is on the river, so she feels at peace outside when closer to nature rather than next to people. She is funny and sassy, but conflicted internally. Her life has been difficult for 18 years, so she is wise for her age. She is still figuring out her beauty. She is not 100% confident in herself, but she definitely is more confident now in college compared to high school. She is in love with both a male classmate and a female classmate, trying to see who is the better choice. The man is older. They were friends most of her life, but now that she is 18 both of them realize they are more than just friends. The girl makes her feel beautiful, but she doesn’t know who she rather be with. At the end of the day, she wants to ease her pain from her rough life.


Okay Em, what should I wear today? Should I be natural or should I wear red for anger?

Should I be short blonde or long blonde.. but that’s a lot of work. I don’t have patience. It’s been a long semester. All those wigs are extra, I’m being natural.  Knowing Jackson, he likes natural. He’s seen me through my worst, and always hated the different day, different color hair.  Sapphire also likes me natural, but thinks I’m sexy in multiple colors. Red shows my anger, the anger that life has given me. This is my third semester of college where most 18 year olds is their first. This is where Sapphire comes in, I met her in summer 1 and summer 2, and I have every class with her this fall. She makes me laugh. They both tell me I’m funny and both make me smile in different ways. I don’t think I’m funny, It’s just how I deal with all of this shit I’ve been through. That’s comedy, and sarcasm! Sapphire has a flare to how she speaks…so does Jackson.

I need to stop talking to myself, and get dressed. I’m tired of the changing every minute of the day look. I’m lucky to be alive now, going to school, away from the ”BS”. I am Emily, and I am an acting student. That doesn’t mean I need to act every minute of every day

I’m going natural to class today. If I learned one thing through all the hell, I’m worth something. I’m glad I survived, I made it this far, and just take one damn/blessed day at a time.